[SVN] Revision 900 (C)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu May 12 02:11:16 UTC 2005

Some new snippets. Also changed scope of C++ snippets to include the ++.

A   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/.. ? .. : .. (?:).plist
A   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/class .. (class).plist
A   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/else .. (else).plist
A   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/if .. (if).plist
A   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/printf .. (printf).plist
U   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/std::map (map).plist
U   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/std::vector (v).plist
U   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Snippets/struct.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/info.plist

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