[SVN] Revision 891 (PHP)

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Tue May 10 16:54:17 UTC 2005

--  First and foremost, this is a significant rewrite of the every regexp group in the entire PHP syntax, all with the aim to optimize it fully.
	in order to do this I have grouped the various groups along these lines:

	ab|abc|abcd|acd   has become  a(b(|c(|d))|cd)  
	which is hopefully a lot more friendly towards the regexp guys inside TM ;-) Although not that friendly for us humans.
	The result of this syntax optimization on my testbed document, which contains all the words from the syntax file, worked out as follows:
	pre optimization render time:  24-26 seconds
	post optimization render time:  16-18 seconds
	Since this is as optimized as I can make it at this point in time with existing limitations of TM, I have un-commented the whole PHP functions groups again, although Allan commented them to speed things up again. If PHP becomes slow for you, comment them again.
	Allan, it's now over to you ;-)

-- Merged the following smaller syntax groups into "keyword.function.misc.php"

-- renamed a bundle of items to conform with Allan's NamingLanguageElements guidelines, or at least how I understood them
-- renamed "variable.constant.php" to "constant.language.php"
-- renamed "variable.constant.predefined.core.php" to "support.constant.core.php"
-- renamed "variable.constant.predefined.std.php" to "support.constant.std.php"
-- renamed "keyword.construct.member.php" to "keyword.storage.php"
-- renamed all "keyword.function.*" groups to "support.function.*"
-- code cleanup according to Allan's wishes to ensure better folding functionality
-- gave the syntax a keyEquivalent of Cmd + alt + F1. You may want to change this, but please do so by hand if you plan to SVN any changes to the file

OK, that's it ;-) 

U   trunk/Bundles/PHP.tmbundle/Syntaxes/PHP.plist

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