[SVN] XHTML syntax suggestion

Max Williams max at machinate.org
Tue May 3 09:52:10 UTC 2005


Firstly, I hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes by making suggestions 
about how a syntax might be created, but I would love to help in its 

I've been thinking about the proposed xhtml syntax, and a few ways it 
could be made to represent the structure of the relevant dtd. ie 
include allowed elements etc.

Would it be possible to name scopes based on the captures, and then 
include the relevant attributes (this is mainly directed at Allan).

begin = "<(foo|bar)";
end = "(\\s*/>|</\\1>)";
name = "keyword.markup.element.{capture1}.xhtml";
patterns = {
	include= "{capture1}.plist";

in the capture file for that tag could be required/allowed attributes 
and elements that are allowed within it.

Also, as far as I can see, there is no easy way to tell if something is 
missing, eg a highlight an image tag that doesn't have an "alt" 


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