[SVN] question about PHP symbols

Max Williams max at machinate.org
Mon May 2 20:28:49 UTC 2005

The heart of the problem, as far as I can tell, is that function names 
are not being caught by the syntax file.
eg if you put the caret in the middle of a php function name and use 
the get scope name command (ctrl-t), it just shows "source.php"  - at 
least it does for me- and therefore there is nothing for the symbol 


On 2 May 2005, at 20:52, Kumar McMillan wrote:

> I am a little confused as to why PHP symbols are not showing up in Go
> To Symbol, given the current Basic Settings > Function list (popup)
> setting.  The PHP plist defines the scope "declaration.function.php
> function-name" and the Function list setting includes "function-name"
> in its scope.  The function syntax highlighting seems to be working
> correctly (I am only using Simple Theme) but functions do not appear
> in Go To Symbol.  Is this because PHP is an embedded source?  Am I
> missing something?  Perhaps the "keyword.construct.php" definition
> that includes the keyword "function" is overwriting the former?  I
> doubt this though because "class" seems to be highlighted correctly,
> like classes in other languages.
> thanks, k
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