[SVN] HTML highlighting in PHP strings

Max Williams max at machinate.org
Sun May 1 23:54:13 UTC 2005

I was doing a bit of experimenting with the php syntax today and had an 
idea about a possible improvement.
Most strings in php are going to become html when printed, so why do 
they lack syntax highlighting as php strings?
I changed the behaviour of strings in my local copy so that it includes 
In the theme editor I put the brightness up and saturation down to make 
it more muted, and the effect was very nice, it was good to have tags 
underlined etc.

The thing is, that out of interest I typed <? into my string to see 
what would happen, and rather unsurprisingly Textmate crashed with:

*** graph path stack full: 28+4 (6, 8)
bits used: 28

in my console, I guess it got in some sort of loop.

However, the highlighting was quite helpful until it exploded, and I 
wondered what others might think about trying to introduce this kind of 
thing on a less precarious way.

Another idea I had would be to include source.css property-list into 
the value part of the html 'style' attribute, to make that colourized.

Maybe these are rather gimmicky proposals, but Textmate seems to have 
the potential to do this kind of thing, and I think it would be useful. 
I'd be interested to hear what other people think.


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