You've done some great work on this, thankyou!
I had really hoped to contribute, but found myself suddenly battling with other problems (samba corruption etc) and then kinda lost track of it

With Allan and Georges permission, I would like to create a github with a proper bundle, so its something new users can access easily (giving full credit of course, since none of it is my work). Or if this bundle already exists, please send me a link

I plan to then improve parsing support for named css colors (red etc), which appears to be missing at the moment, and possibly some sort of support for gradients 


On 4 July 2016 at 09:05, feek <> wrote:
Hi all,

this is a really nice implementation!

Do you expect that this will be implemented in one of the TM-bundles so it
can be improved and maintained, or do I have te create my own command (as I
have done now)?


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