When I do a Status using the Subversion Bundle, it correctly shows what has changed.

However, when I try to do a commit from the subversion popup page, the spinning dial starts up and never stops. After waiting a while, I killed the svn process at the command line. Once I did that, TM poped up a window asking for my SVN password.

I have used svn at the command line for months to check in/out code and it works perfectly. My username on the svn repository is different from my username on my mac, but the first time I used svn from the command line, it failed and then I was able to put in the correct username and password. Since then (months ago), svn from the command line has worked perfectly. I think when svn is started by TM it must be using my mac user name rather than the cached name. Is there any way I can control this?

After I type my comments and hit commit, in the status window the following appears:
Authentication realm: PAC
but I canít see any place that I can type to supply my credentials.

I don't think it's a problem with our subversion repository because the developer sitting next to me is able to commit from TextMate with no problems.


Steven Chanin
steven_chanin at alum.mit.edu
(415) 377-7503