Ok, well I have done as you suggested and Gist seems to work now but I'm a little bit confused .... it hasn't recreated an Avian folder. Shouldn't it? In the past i had linked the Application Support/Avian/Bundles folder to dropbox so my desktop and laptop always were in sync for my own bundles. Should I be doing this a different way?

On 10 March 2013 11:05, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist@textmate.org> wrote:
On Mar 10, 2013, at 10:22 AM, Ken Snyder <ken+textmate@ken.net> wrote:

> Yes I'm using the GetBundles approach […]

You shouldn’t use that for bundles available via the Preferences → Bundles list. In fact, I don’t think the GetBundles has been updated to install in a location that 2.0 reads from.

> BTW, I tried it just with a git clone (versus GetBundles GUI) and got it installed but I now get this ugly error message when I try and create either a public or a private Gist:

I suggest you start from scratch by removing the following two folders, relaunch TextMate, and then install bundles only via Preferences → Bundles:

   ~/Library/Application Support/Avian
   ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate

If you still have a problem, let me know.

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