On 17 Jan 2020, at 9:57, Matt Neuburg wrote:

I'm sure this has come up before, but just wanted to mention that CocoaDialog is not working.

I was using it in one of my bundles to put up File Save and Folder Choose dialogs.

I'm now using `osascript` instead; not difficult, though I suppose it would be nice not to have the AppleScript dependency. Still, it is still present in Catalina and still works. m.

For the records, CocoaDialog has now been updated to a 64 bit build, but given the state of CocoaDialog (the version on GitHub cannot be built from source and/or doesn’t seem to work), I would consider it deprecated: We will probably have an issue again when we transition to ARM… :)

TextMate has had its own "$DIALOG" command since 1.x, to see a list of commands, press ⌃R in TextMate on a line containing just: "$DIALOG" help