Maybe some of these tips will help:


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:44 PM, Mathieu Godart <> wrote:
Dear Kevin,

2. My TM (also 1.5.7, but 1464) also has this problem, but only with
"brown folders".

David, is your problem also happening with "brown folders" only?

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Le 30 oct. 08 à 22:44, Kevin Ridgway a écrit :

> 1. You may want to check that your "context" that your in for a
> particular file is in fact "Ruby", or "Ruby on Rails", or "HTML
> (Rails)",  you can do this with a keyboard shortcut, by hitting CTRL +
> ALT + SHIFT + R and then choose the appropriate context from the popup
> menu, for the current file.  I bet that might be your problem there.
> 2. Hmm my Textmate version doesn't do that: 1.5.7 (1436).  You can
> find your version by going to the TextMate menu in the upper left hand
> corner of you screen when Textmate is open, and Select "About
> TextMate" from the menu.  Make sure you have the latest version, by
> going to the same "TextMate" menu, but then going to "Preferences",
> then select the "Software Update" tab, and make sure that
> "Automatically check for updates" is checked, and that to the right of
> "Watch for:", "Cutting Edge" is selected, and you'll get the latest
> and greatest TextMate automagically.
> 3. Auto code-completion is based on what your "context" is (see number
> one above).  Once you've chosen the appropriate context, you can then
> start typing a function or tag, and then hit the ESC key, and it will
> show you the appropriate functions that it could possibly be for it.
> That's as far as "code completion" goes right now for TextMate,
> however there are other magical things that are helpful:
> -Go to Bundles > Ruby on Rails menu item and take a look at the
> keyboard shortcuts for commonly used things.  For instance, under
> "Controllers" you'll see a bevy of awesomeness.  Those are "Tab
> Completions", type the part of the word shown on the left, and hit
> tab, and BOOM!, magic.  Usually it will allow you to tab through the
> appropriate places within the code, once it's written it.
> -My favorite: CTRL + ALT + T at any time, and start typing what you're
> looking for, and you can find all the pre-built functions, etc for
> that context!!!!!
> I hope that answers you're questions.  While I probably can't answer
> your "Ruby Bundle specific questions", I'm sure the mailing list RoRs
> will be able to help.
> -Kevin R.
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 10:25 AM, David Park
> <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I just started using TextMate for programming Ruby on Rails apps.
>> I have
>> encountered some problems using it and would appreciate any help I
>> could get
>> in figuring out how to fix them.  Below are the three problems that
>> I've run
>> into:
>> 1. TextMate is inconsistent about when it colorizes code in .erb
>> file.  When
>> I open some files, TextMate colorizes the code correctly.  But on
>> other .erb
>> files, TextMate doesn't colorize at all.
>> 2. TextMate closes the folder tree on my project.  When I navigate
>> from my
>> browser or terminal window to TextMate, I'll often find that the
>> folder tree
>> has been closed.  This is really annoying because then I have to
>> click on
>> all the folders so that I can navigate to the files that I want.
>> Is there
>> any way to get TextMate to just remember the folder tree state?
>> 3. TextMate doesn't do auto code completion.  I've seen some videos
>> that
>> show TextMate doing autocompletion via snippets.  How do I turn on
>> the auto
>> code completion?
>> Thanks for all your help!
>> David
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