On 15 Sep 2017, at 4:20, Matt Neuburg wrote:

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but when I do a Find All from the Find dialog (as opposed to the Find in Project dialog), why don't I get the same interface as the Find in Project dialog, with checkboxes allowing me to prevent some occurrences from being subject to a Replace All?

The simple explanation is that when requesting all matches in a document, the Find dialog needs to know if the user are making changes to the document and update the results accordingly, and right now, there is no internal API for that, so for “safety” reasons, there are no checkboxes.

That said, if you press ⌃⌘R (Select current document in file browser) then ⌥⌘⇥ (move focus to file browser) and finally ⇧⌘F (bring up find in file browser selection) you will get checkboxes for searching the currently selected file, which should be the open document.

Though this does not work for untitled documents and it does not solve the safety problem described above, so you could do the search, go back to the document and makes changes, then return to the find dialog and make replacements with the stale search results.

It’s something that still needs a bit of work, and definitely the checkboxes ought to be there in all modes :)