Hello Daniel,

I have a similar problem with blogging bundle, although it is not exactly the same and like you I think it has started to happen since I upgraded to WordPress 2.8.2. The error message that I get as a tooltip can be seen here:


I have no idea how ruby works, but what I found out from google search is that WordPress API provides some information that is not consistent with what the installed version of Ruby on Mac OS X Leopard expects to see. The only thing that came to my mind was to upgrade Ruby on Leopard, but I was very busy and I didn't get the chance to try it.

I hope that other people with intimate knowledge of WordPress and Ruby can suggest a solution to this problem.



On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 9:31 PM, Daniel Miessler <daniel@danielmiessler.com> wrote:
Greetings List,

I have been using the Blogging Bundle to post to WordPress for quite
some time, but about two months ago I started getting an error when

None of my settings for my blog have changed, but I've upgraded my
WordPress version in that time frame. The time of the error beginning
might coincide with my upgrade to WordPress 2.8.x, but I'm not sure of

Anyway, here's the error I'm getting:


This is clearly a timeout issue, but the interesting part is that the
blog posts *ARE* making it to the blog--but I'm not getting the quick
response and then the invokation of Safari to view the just-posted
content like usual. Also, if I make changes to a post now it'll post
as a duplicate instead of updating the one that's already there.

I've tried the following things:

* disabling pings on individual posts
* disabling the ping notification services within WordPress

...with no luck.

Anyone have any idea what could be going wrong here?

Thanks in advance...

Daniel R. Miessler
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