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From: "Allan Odgaard" <mailinglist@textmate.org>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2014 08:42:30 +0700
After pasting the wrong word, if you wait a little (like 1 second) does it then paste the proper word?

I'm not sure, I would need to check next time it happens.
Ive had it three or four times now, but usually I don't notice right away and its only when I get a parse error in my PHP I go back and see it sitting there.

Is “AMQPChannel” in your clipboard history (Edit → Paste → Show History)? If yes, after you get it pasted, is it at the top? And are there multiple entries named “AMQPChannel”?

There was only one instance of this in my clipboard history, but Im certain this is where I copied it manually in order to Google for it (ie, after it had already been pasted)

It does not embed rabbitMQ nor can I imagine a bundle does this. It would more likely be some third party clipboard history utility or perhaps TextMate’s own history that somehow gets messed up.

Its a brand new iMac, literally 2 weeks old. A software conflict is possible, but there's very little Ive installed other than Textmate and a few other standard utils. 

I had the same setup on my old iMac (Lion) but never saw this problem, so perhaps its some edge case specific to Mavericks.