I have a recurring problem where TM cannot detect file changes. 

This is because I work on a a remote filesystem (Centos), which is mounted via AFP. 
Its actually a VM running on ESXI Server on my LAN, although a Vagrant or VMWare setup is quite common now. 

From what I understand, TM uses kqueue or BSD's FSEvents for file notifications (I suspect kqueue?). 

Its causing me a lot of problems as I switch git branch and TM doesn't always detect it, sometimes resulting in a file from another branch being saved over the top. 

A bit of googling shows there is libkqueue, which tries to provide a kqueue interface on top of the underlying host OS, but its not clear to me whether this would be suitable for a remote fs, even if it was feasible to compile into TM.

Has anyone found a workaround to this please?