I am using Textmate to edit scripts on a remote server. I use FTP (client is Transmit) to get to them, then open them from Transmit it Textmate.

I noticed something odd recently: With each series of edits to the script file, after I saved, I went to run the script and the execute permission was gone (I edited the file, did chmod u+x, ran the script, then went to edit again, etc. when I saved, I had to chmod u+x again because the execute was lost).

The only reason (other than server bugs) that I can find that this my have happened is that I opened the file with Textmate originally before I did chmod u+x (right after I did touch to create it), and that the permissions on the file that Textmate opened were -rw-r--r-- so I restored those when it saved.

Two questions:

1) Is this possible? Does Textmate do this?

2) If yes, how can I get it not to change permissions back on save?

Any help, direction or advice is much appreciated!