Apparently, looking deeper into the TM manual it appears there is a way to do this at:

Haven't figured  it out yet - it mentions though that what I was requesting should be the default (?) ...  If so, does seem to be the case for me.

Another route in the meantime is to get Aylotts subtlegradient bundle which displays the action at a screencast he sent out about month ago - but which I had missed..

Will see if it works out for me..

(he Thomas mentions  Alan pastie - where is it implemented within the system?)  Can I just include that pastie in the bundle  preference?

thanks again


On Dec 1, 2006, at 4:34 AM, wrote:


Mail has this thing where by when you are typing and you are not sure of the   spelling of the word (or even if  such a word exists) you can press <esc> before yo complete the  word & it gives you a pull down of various choices.  Is this something that can be incorporated in the text scope of textmate?

(note: i know of ctr-apple-D which can check for the word in  dictionary but that is not the functionality I need in this case - ie, since that assumes you already know how to spell the word...)


ps; interestingly the Mail functionality doesnt  seem to work within a sentence.

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