Hi All,

I just started using TextMate for programming Ruby on Rails apps.  I have encountered some problems using it and would appreciate any help I could get in figuring out how to fix them.  Below are the three problems that I've run into:

1. TextMate is inconsistent about when it colorizes code in .erb file.  When I open some files, TextMate colorizes the code correctly.  But on other .erb files, TextMate doesn't colorize at all.

2. TextMate closes the folder tree on my project.  When I navigate from my browser or terminal window to TextMate, I'll often find that the folder tree has been closed.  This is really annoying because then I have to click on all the folders so that I can navigate to the files that I want.  Is there any way to get TextMate to just remember the folder tree state?

3. TextMate doesn't do auto code completion.  I've seen some videos that show TextMate doing autocompletion via snippets.  How do I turn on the auto code completion?

Thanks for all your help!