This actually sounds exactly like the problem I was trying to address with this PR. I'm glad someone else is experiencing it!

On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 9:03 AM, Daniel Vollmer <> wrote:
Hello list,

when opening (existing) files from using the `mate` command, it occasionally (but not always) takes a fairly long time (more than 5secs) to open the file in TextMate. TM in all these instances is already running, but doesn't necessarily have any open windows.

This is for small files (e.g. 30 short lines of code), so it cannot be the file size making a difference. If I open the files directly through TM's File -> Open... menu, no such delay happens.

During such a delay, if I click on the already running TM in the dock to activate it, the desired document that `mate` is trying to open immediately appears.

If I close the document and retry immediately afterwards, then no delay seems to exist for a while. Swap also doesn't seem to be an issue, my swapfile has size 0 on a 32GB Macbook Pro, with 16GB free. If TM hasn't been activated in a while (even though supposedly running according to the Dock dot) then this seems more likely.

It seems to be the communication / connecting between mate and TM that causes this delay somehow. I've tried removing and reinstalling the `mate` command.

This is on TextMate version 2.0-rc.10, but is not new behavior, I've seen this for quite some time.

Does that sound familiar to anyone or have any diagnosis tips?


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