Sweet! Alex and M.P. many thanks to both of you. I used Alex's suggestion but also tried M.P's suggestion as it helps me find the scope when I don't know it.

Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

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I am using textmate for Latex. I was wondering if there is a way I could customize highlighting of document parts in Latex. For example, currently the footnotes are not highlighted, but any math input between two $ signs is highlighted in green. Suppose I want everything that appears between \footnote{ and } in gray color or add a background color. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks very much for your help.

In your theme, add a rule for meta.footnote.latex.  Go to preferences, find the fonts & colors tab, click the "plus" sign to add a new rule.  set the scope selector to meta.footnote.latex.  Give the rule a name, and add a color.  That's it!


What I do to know the exact name of any scope in a given document in TextMate:
(in the above case: meta.footnote.latex  AND support.function.footnote.latex)
I use the 'Bundle Development' Bundle which has a Copy Scope command clickable in a menu item in:  Bundles > Bundle Development > Copy Scope,

as follows:
First place cursor in the middle of the desired word, here it was \footnote{};
then ckick menu item 'Copy Scope';
then paste it in the text;
then copy the line of interest, here it's  'support.function.footnote.latex'   into the color prefs like previously stated by Alex;
then do the same with the scope you get at  '{My footnote here}' ,  it was:    'meta.footnote.latex'.

Probably there's a shorter way, but this is what I do and I can know about (and customize) every scope in a Latex doc, or any other type of doc for that matter.

I wish the Latex Bundle could just add this simple Copy Scope command in its next update. It's just this:
                       tr <<< "$TM_SCOPE" ' ' '\n'|pbcopy

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