LaTeX is indeed checked under bundle preferences, but it was checked as soon as I cloned the latex bundle, I assumed this just indicated that Textmate knew that a latex bundle was present.  The refresh_viewer.scpt can be opened by the apple script editor and by textedit as well.  When I do this I can see the code in the script.  I assume this means it's not compiled.


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> On 08 Jan 2015, at 18:51 , Starx <> wrote:
> Rene,
> After the initial clone the behavior stopped, but because it started back up again last time I decided to wait a day before saying it worked and unfortunately this morning TeXShop has started opening again.
> I do not know the difference between a compiled applescript and an uncompiled applescript.

as far as I know an uncompiled AppleScript is just a text file. A compiled script on the other hand is a binary. If you open a compiled AppleScript in an editor — that unlike TextMate — does not support decompilation then you should see “gibberish” instead of the source code. You can try it yourself by opening `refresh_viewer` in “vim” or “TextEdit”.

> There is still just a file, refresh_viewer.scpt, no application or anything like that in the bin directory.  Could my textmate have updated itself back to the uncompiled version?

If the checkbox on the left of the LaTeX bundle in Preferences→Bundles is selected, then TextMate might have overwritten your changes. If that is not the case, then TextMate should not overwrite the cloned version.

>  How do I check if this script is compiled or not?

Just try to open `refresh_viewer.scpt` inside `Support/bin` with “Script Editor”. You should get an error message containing something like the following text:

    The document “refresh_viewer.scpt” could not be opened.

    Unable to read the file because the script is not editable (it was saved as run-only).

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