Yes, I have a few simple ideas to start off on while I learn all the ins and outs. 
1) Highlighted text in the editor will auto populate the Find field when searching, rather than having to type in the text to find. I’ve    personally grown accustomed to that in all the other editors I use.

2) Code comments should autocomplete. So if I use /** [tab]—> I would get an auto completed /**
and upon every return inside of a multiline comment, a new asterisk would prepend the new line so it would keep proper formatting and such. I want to apply that logic to all code comments.

I have some other ideas too, but I figure I should focus on doing those first since they seem easier to get my feet wet.

Thanks for the response of the file structure layout! That helps me understand it a bit more. 

Josh Bernitt
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On April 10, 2016 at 7:08:14 AM, Jacob Carlborg ( wrote:

On 2016-04-09 15:22, Josh Bernitt wrote:
> Good day,
> I am interested in assisting with TextMate development. I really like
> the editor, and want to contribute to make it better! I want to help add
> newer and more modern actions to it similar to Sublime Text.

This sounds great :). Any particular ideas or features you're thinking
of implementing?

> I was wondering if you had any links for getting started? I’ve downloaded the
> source code and set up a dev environment and can compile it
> successfully. I’m reading through the source code and testing things; I
> was just wondering if you have any information on the Oak framework and
> the general layout of the application structure. Thank you for your help!

As far as I know there's no getting started documentation. This is what
I've figured out so far hacking on the source code:

* The application is a Cocoa application which uses Objective-C++ for
the interface related code and C++ for the rest of the code

* The application is divided in a bunch of frameworks, the Frameworks

* It doesn't use nib files like a traditional Cocoa application

* The OakTextView framework contains the document view, gutter, status
bar and the view for the actual source code. The OakTextView class is
responsible for responding to keyboard input when editing the source code

* The rendering of the source code is not performed in OakTextView but
delegated to the "layout" framework. This framework uses Core Text to
render the source code

/Jacob Carlborg

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