On 29 Nov 2018, at 4:49, John DeSoi wrote:

The problem is that the window has to stay open to preserve the last used folder scope. If you use ⇧⌘F and then double click on something to edit (find window closes), then ⇧⌘F again. All the previous searches are still there, but the "In" scope value is lost. Seems like it should stay the same until the user changes it on purpose.

The problem is that a lot of the time ⇧⌘F is the user saying “I want to do a new folder search with my current project / selected items in the file browser” rather than “bring back the previous search I did”.

But I do run into the case myself, where I want to re-run a search on e.g. selected file browser items or a non-project folder, but has closed the window and thus there is no way to bring it back without resetting the “in” pop-up.

What I have been wanting to add is history to the find dialog with ⌘[ / ⌘] to go back/forward in the history.

That way, one would be able to use ⇧⌘F followed by ⌘[ to open Find in Folder and get back to the previous search folder.

For me, as a heavy keyboard user, I think this would be a good solution. I’ll move up the item on my to-do.