Yes, crash reports are enabled, here's the latest:

Caret position was a good guess. I was testing by adding lines to the end of the file, doesn't seem to happen if I move to the start of the file before reverting.

On Tue, 4 Oct 2016 at 19:02 Allan Odgaard <> wrote:
On 4 Oct 2016, at 13:37, George McGinley Smith wrote:

> Quick bug report:
> The following seems to consistently crash for me:
> 1) Preview a markdown doc under version control
> 2) Make changes
> 3) Save
> 4) SCM Revert current file

Do you have crash report submission enabled?

Because I only see one crash report that I can associate with the above

If you are able to reproduce this, can you tell me if there is anything
note worthy of the caret position? For example, is it at the end of the
buffer or on non-ASCII text (is the document using non-ASCII

I ask because it looks like the crash (for which I have a report)
happens when extracting “current word” from the buffer prior to
running the “SCM Diff → Update Gutter” command (in response to
reverting changes).

If the caret is somehow in a “bad” position, this could cause an
issue for the code extracting current word.

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