I would like to use Open Favorite more frequently but there’s a couple of things that always throws me off and makes it less productive for me. Not sure if they’re bugs or by design.

Say I have 4 favourites named F1, F2, F3, F4

I usually have multiple working windows open with the root folder being one of these favourites. So say I have 2 opened with favourites F1 and F2 and files opened in each.

Now I would like to open a third window with the root folder being F1 because there’s an unrelated feature or bug that doesn’t have anything to do with the files being edited in the first F1 project. (i.e. I would like to segregate and keep track of the files being worked on by using 2 different windows).

So I Shift-Cmd-O to bring up the Open Favorite popup and select one of the favourites and this is what happens:

In the latest nightly build, a new window opens and fills with a selection of open files from F1. This is actually new behaviour that I see when writing up this email. Could be it’s opening up some previously cached version of a F1 window?

In previous builds what happens is that the original F1 comes to the front. 

What I was hoping is that a new window opens with the root folder being the favourite I selected.

Ed Wong