So awesome, thanks Allan.

On 2 June 2016 at 17:27, Allan Odgaard <> wrote:
On 2 Jun 2016, at 9:45, George McGinley Smith wrote:

I have a command that's working, but it's slow – the method for clearing
marks is definitely a bottleneck. So, yeah, it needs something simpler to
clear all the marks and probably some feedback on improving the speed (I'm
not a ruby dev). Also, clearing without the line number seems to clear the
marks for all open docs every time, rather than just the one you're looking

For the latter, specify the document e.g. via `--uuid="$TM_DOCUMENT_UUID"`.

For the former, I added support for this in beta 9.4 which is available by holding option down and clicking Check Now in Preferences → Software Update.

Perhaps saving a copy of the current files marks to a temp file would
help, then you could read that in and remove them all.

I collected all the calls to `mate` into a single call in this version, that way, there should be practically no flicker for the colored squares:

Also use `shellescape` method instead of single quotes and create cache folder if it does not exist.

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