On 29 Nov 2018, at 2:40, Tim Bates wrote:

Weirdly, if the find window is closed, ⇧⌘F opens with the user’s directory as the search scope.

I assume this part is expected. A feature many may not be aware of is that if focus is in the file browser, it will use the file browser selection as what to search.

This can either be one or more folders, but one can also select files, and then only these files will be searched. I find this extremely useful myself to quick select and search a subset of my project.

An alternative to moving focus to file browser (⌥⌘⇥) and pressing ⇧⌘F is to click the magnifying glass in the file browser’s bottom action bar.

But if the find window is open, but not front most, ⇧⌘F opens with previous directory as the search scope.

This is intended for your use-case where you run a folder search and don’t close the window, so ⇧⌘F brings it back without changing anything.

There is actually a keepSearchResultsOnDoubleClick defaults key which can be set to YES so that double-clicking search results don’t close the window.

But I don’t find this useful myself as I often will use keyboard to select search results (⌘1-n) followed by ⌘W.

And if it’s already open, then ⇧⌘F sets the scope to ~ ...

If you open the “in” folder pop-up you will see that “Document” is given a shortcut of ⌘F with ⇧⌘F assigned to “Project Folder”. So these two keys can be used to switch between the two search scopes (while the window is open).

The behavior of searches that are stale is another issue: clicking on them often also does nothing after an edit has been made.

The search reuslts are stored as offsets that are not updated on edits, which means after an edit, they will point to the wrong section of the document.

But I am not aware they should become no-ops, if you have steps to reproduce, I will add an issue about this.

As for updating search reuslts on edits; that one is a long-term goal (coupled with a few related issues).