I recently set up a new system with RVM and ruby 1.9.2 (default) as well as 1.8.7 and Rubinius. The system ruby is currently 1.8.7.

I followed the instructions here: to set up RVM and textmate to work and play nice together. These steps work and don't. 

When I use the run command textmate execute the file using the correct ruby, for example the "puts RUBY_DESCRIPTION" returns the expected ruby 1.9.2. However, when I "Execute line/ selection as ruby" I still get ruby 1.8.7 (the system ruby). 

Looking at the bundles the "Execute line/ selection as ruby" command starts with "#!/usr/bin/env ruby"

How should I modify the bundles such that it run the selection or line via the TM_RUBY environment variable rather than the system ruby?