Could a OS X level Service be written? As in  Right Click -> Services -> "Send selection to Quicksilver". I wouldn’t know where to start, but thats the only 3rd party functionality I know of for the file drawer.

I use Quicksilver too, and I’d love to see it get wider usage.  I have a "Copy current path" command, if I then paste that path into Quicksilver, Quicksilver is smart enough to know that the file exists and the menus change as though I had selected the file. Screenshot of Copy Current Path command  on Imgur.

Graham Heath

On February 7, 2016 at 12:03:14 PM, Rob McBroom ( ) wrote:

Hello. Quicksilver is able to get the selected text and the currently
open document from TextMate using standard Cocoa stuff, but I’ve
always wanted a way to grab the file(s) selected in the File Browser.

This will require a new Quicksilver plug-in, but I can handle that end
of it.

Is there any way to ask TextMate for the selected file(s) when the
browser has focus?

And once I tell Quicksilver to use some app-specific selection behavior,
the currently working text selection is going to break, so I need a way
to get any selected text in the editor when it has focus as well.

If this isn’t currently possible, could it be added?


Rob McBroom

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