There are some annoyances with this Bundle. It does not work.
It tries to call the application called "Term" but it should be "Terminal" (was Terminal ever called Term in previous versions of OS X?). 
Then, it moves the terminal window to an awkard position (100,100 ?) (See the diff).
So the diff to repairs those. It is not a big patch but it corrects annoyances I get everytime I checkout that bundle or tell someone else to.

Also, not included in the diff : The bundle shows support for gprolog on the command line. Some people (like at my university) prefer using swi-prolog (swipl). Should I make a patch that supports gprolog but falls back to swipl if it is not installed? Is it appropriate for a "texmate Run command" to support 2 implementations of Prolog?


Guillaume Carbonneau