When doing Ctrl-Shift-V to use PyChecker/Pyflakes/Pylint, I get a Python error.


my_revision = __version__.split()[1]

on Line 346 assumes the __version__ from Line 26 can be split into at least 2 parts. However, Line 26 reads:

__version__ = "$Revision$"

When it should read:

__version__ = "$Revision 11734 $"  # Not sure what Revision actually refers to, Textmate or script version

I am using the latest available TextMate (r1505), with Python 2.6.2 on 10.5.8.  However, this Command is most likely broken in every version of TextMate released since the error was first introduced, since it is a basic Python error.  The feature was at least working in June 2008 according to this blog about it: http://arthurkoziel.com/2008/06/28/pyflakes-installation-and-textmate-integration/

Though I must say... What's the use of the revision, exactly??  It seems that it has only served to break the script and not much else. :)

I've gotten by for now by editing the Python bundle.