And attached here is the latex file produced by Sweave, also attached is my Sweave file
and the error displayed as screenshot

Thank you 

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 8:20 PM, Srirama Bhamidipati <> wrote:

I am a PhD student in final year and using Latex in TextMate for last 5-6 months to write my work, and I really like Textmate. I recently graduated to use Sweave to include R elements into my Latex document. 

However, I am unable to setup Sweave to compile and I get error : pdf file not written to disk. I have tried advice on
but no luck. 

I am using Textmate 2.0-beta.9, with Texlive 2015 distribution and R 3.2.3

Please can anyone guide me to setup Sweave for Textmate. Yes, I have installed Sweave Bundle. 

Thank you.