On Jan 10, 2006, at 5:18 PM, Marco Kuhlmann wrote:

The problem is that the reformatting should stop at certain boundaries, such as \begin and \end or list \items.  AucTeX does this for you, and my question was whether I can replicate this with Textmate.  It seems now that I cannot.

Of course you can replicate this in Textmate. It's just that you have to write the command that does it, just like someone wrote the AUCTeX command to do it. It just isn't a feature that exists by default, because none of us working on the LaTeX bundle needed this, and hence noone has implemented it yet. You are welcome to write the command yourself, or if you tell us EXACTLY what this command should be doing, maybe one of us will create it when we have the time. TextMate is very customizable.