You need to set a scope in fileType for attr.untitled in .tmp_properties (where else)

I have the following which sets files as kohana 2 php file unless it's in a templates dir where it ends up as a mustache file

[ attr.untitled ]
fileType             = 'text.html.php.ko2'

[ "templates/{**/,}*" attr.untitled ]
fileType             = 'text.html.mustache'

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 12:01 AM, Matt Neuburg <> wrote:
IIRC it used to be that when you said File > New what you got was a file with the same extension as the currently selected file (e.g. in the project navigator). Now, however, what you get is always a ".txt" file. I wonder if that feature was just something I dreamed and, if not, whether it might return; it was mighty convenient. m.

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