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When I need this type of user interaction within a command I use CocoaDialog. It offers many options that should cover most, albeit simple needs.

GB: Hi and thanks for answer.
Could you please post an example? Even privately, if you think so.

I'm attaching a sample script that uses CocoaDialog to prompt for the user's age, then it uses again CocoaDialog to display a message-box with the result.
You may try it directly from an editor window (⌘R) or paste it into a new bundle command.

PS: anyway, there is no editor (or IDE) I’ve tried, which are able to manage an input or raw_input in Python. Every software I’ve tried got this EOF Error.

It could be possible if TM integrated some kiond of "terminal" type of command output, but I guess that's too much for too little.
In TM version 1.5 I was using HTML output to the command's windows for as sophisticated an interface as you can make using HTML + JS + CSS. The problem is that to give feedback to TM that required using TMTOOLS, which unfortunately is incompatible with the current TM version.

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