I know there have been a lot of questions about Soft Wrapping in Textmate 2, but I haven't found any solutions for a problem that I've had for a while now.

Basically, I have "soft wrap" enabled, and I have it set to "Wrap Column > Use Window Frame". I have it set as a global setting using a .tm_properties file in my home directory.

My issue, though is that "soft wrap" seems to not work correctly. Specifically, my lines of text (any language) extend past the window frame, by a good 40 or so characters. This has the annoying effect of having to horizontally scroll on *every* file that I open. If I narrow my window, the wrap will readjust the lines, but again, keeping about 40 characters past the window frame. 

When I enable "Show Wrap Column" the line does appear, but the lines of text keep on truckin' past it. 

I know that I could set an explicit character count to force the wrap, even aside from the default 40 or 80. I'm trying to avoid doing that, though, because I use a laptop with a small monitor, but will hook it to a larger monitor, and want to be able to readjust my windows on the fly. Plus, hey, soft wrap worked perfectly before in TM1 - I'm wondering what I may have set up wrong in TM2, or neglected to adjust. 

I apologize if this has been mentioned in a previous listing - I looked, but didn't see it. I also don't know if this got mentioned in any release notes explicitly. 

Thanks for your help!