On 3 Jun 2020, at 21:11, Greg Dunn wrote:

Because I can't keep my hands off utilities and am on a constant quest to understand development processes, I attempted to clone the latest git repository and build TextMate. It seems that everything goes well until I reach the part where I build the actual executable, and get the following errors:
xcrun: error: unable to find utility "ibtool", not a developer tool or in PATH
ibtool and actool exist in /usr/bin and also a link to /usr/local/bin, both of which are in my shell path. I enter 'which ibtool' from the shell and it can find the tool. Is there another path needed for the build which I don't have set? Generally Homebrew builds compile and run OK on my system...

The build process runs everything via the xcrun command.

You can run xcrun -f ibtool to find ibtool via xcrun, but it will likely fail, though it may tell you what is wrong.

Perhaps the “selected” Xcode version of yours exist no more, try run: xcode-select -p, that prints path to where the system thinks it is located.

You may be able to fix that with xcode-select -s <path>.

More information in man page for the above mentioned tools.