On 27 Oct 2018, at 19:03, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

By default TextMate won’t show hidden files (files starting with a dot) in the file browser. It’s possible to configure TextMate to show some of these files anyway, I’ve done that for files like .travis.yml. When doing a project wide search it won’t search those files, even though they’re visible in the file browser. Is that a bug, missing feature or an additional setting?

The file browser has its own glob: The contents of the “matching” field.

Since * does not match hidden files, you will need to also update this pattern to include .travis.yml and friends.

It’s problematic to combine the file dialog’s glob with the global include/exclude patterns, because it would then be hard to limit the set of searched files without also editing the global patterns.

What could perhaps be an option is to allow enabling/disabling the find dialog’s pattern, so when disabled, it would use the global patterns. Perhaps empty pattern should just be = use global patterns.

Personally though, I basically always have custom find dialog patterns for my various projects, e.g. exclude vendor/, generated content, etc.

Though let me also say that I do think that there are too many include/exclude patterns that can be configured in TextMate, it’s something I would like to simplify, and I’ve added a note about this issue to my design document.