On 5 Nov 2019, at 20:07, Ed Wong wrote:

I’ve been getting this abnormal exit issue with the latest TM (2.0.3). There seems to be a problem saving the opened tabs state in projects on closing of the App.

When I reopen TM, the Disable Session Restore dialog appears. I click on Restore Documents and the tabs from a previous state (before 2.0.3) is always brought back.

From your description, it sounds like there are multiple issues:

  1. TextMate is crashing?

  2. TextMate never saves your current session and instead restores the session as it looked the 26th of October?

Can you clarify if both the two issues are correct?

If so, it would be useful with a link to a crash report. Also, what triggers the crash, is it only when you quit, or during regular use?