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>> Appreciate "Save as" is still available in Lion, but I would like it better if it supplied the current name by default. Can I make TM2 do this?
> I can add that — didn’t know it was standard.
It was pre-Lion. It was so prevalent it must have been the system default.

Lion has done away with "Save as" unfortunately for many of us. (If you've every watched a non-geek deal with "Save as" you can understand why it went away.)

Thanks for considering adding it.

This is actually the camel's nose I was worrying about in an earlier thread.

Apple apps in Lion no longer have the old 'Save'  menu item  so for example  pre-Lion  the file menu in TextEdit had

   Close   Cmd-W
   Save    Cmd-S
   Save As Shift-Cmd-S

now in Lion it's:

   Close                 Cmd-W
   Save A Version   Cmd-S

So there's no way in TextEdit to save a replacement for the current file.  Lion Apps are supposed to autosave, and  if you need to un-save you can use the files version history (which apparently requires that you have access to a time machine backup, at least when I just tried it if fails since my time-machine backup is only available when I'm at home).


This is all well and good for 'non-geeks' but as a programmer the last thing I want is for my editor, or the OS rather then me to decide when it should save my source and other files.

I brought this up at a CocoaConference a couple of weeks ago here in Raleigh, and the consensus of the expert seemed to be that Apple will be driving the UI guidelines towards forcing apps to use the auto-save/version UI, perhaps making that a requirement for inclusion in the OS X App Store.

I hope not.
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