Ah, okay, sorry guys. The code involved is ANY CocoaDialog calls. For example:

[bash script]

fullProjectPath=$(CocoaDialog filesave \
            --text "Please name your project and select a folder to save it into" \
            --title "Create New Project" \
            --with-extensions .tmproj \
            --with-file "$defaultProjectName");

[/bash script]

fullProjectPath's value is now "QT call results in 0".

This happens in all bundles, or so it seems. It goes further than just shell scripts in that TM's internal functions are affected [although I'm guessing that these internal functions also use CocoaDialog]. Attached is a screen shot, and linked [http://slaughterballoon.com/textmate/Picture_2.png] just in case. I hope this helps clear up the matter.

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> Haha, thanks though.
>> Yeah, every time I ask a CocoaDialog / ui.rb question, no one seems to have
>> the answer.

Well, some things depend on how you ask the question. The O.P. didn't post
any code and he didn't say what precisely he was trying to get CocoaDialog
to do. That makes it kind of hard to answer. m.

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