There was this, which Infininight said is being patched, but I wasn’t clear whether it was a fix in a bundle (looks like it is), or whether it was in core.

13:01 mwilson: allan:
14:05 allan: Infininight: are you seeing ↑
14:05 allan: I’m not on 10.13 yet
14:05 allan: and I can’t really think of what’s causing that…
14:16 Infininight: allan: hmm, not even sure how you would trigger a dialog like that if you wanted to?
14:17 Infininight: outside of using tm_dialog that is
14:24 Infininight: ok, found the issue; will get a copy of 10.3 to fix
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00:34 gina: [bundle-support.tmbundle] infininight pushed 1 new commit to master:
00:34 gina: bundle-support.tmbundle/master 6e6188a Michael Sheets: Update ruby support for High Sierra...
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Marc Wilson

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017, at 11:22 PM, Andrew Cohen wrote:
Are there any known issues with Textmate on 10.13 or is it safe to upgrade?  Are there concerns with APFS, for example?

Thank you,

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