I agree, maybe makes sense to move it in the project browser space…


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Il giorno giovedì, agosto 30, 2012, alle ore 11:30 pm, Travis Dunn ha scritto:

Just an idea, maybe it's like this for a good reason, but it's always bugged me that the "Go To" windows just float around. I can see a few reasons why it's awkward (at least for me):

• if you're using multiple displays the "Go To" windows can end up opening on a different display than the actual textmate window you're calling it from, this seems to be inconsistent amongst them though
• if you have multiple projects open, the "Go To" position is shared, so if you move it over to the current textmate project window that you're working with and then switch to the other project, the "Go To" window will be in its last location
• in general it feels like it brings you out of the interface the way they are implemented now

Not like there are "bugs" or real problems with it, but i do feel like interface wise, it's a little clumsy. Thoughts?

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