I know it’s hard to keep old webpages up but it would be helpful if a banner could be put up on the TM 1 pages with a link to TextMate 2 info. The linked page looks “official,” so even more important. I’m far from a power user and am discouraged from exploring TM when I run into these pages without knowing which version they apply to.

Near top of page might be something like: “This page is about TextMate version 1. For TextMate 2 documents check <here> For the status TextMate 1 and 2 read< here>.” Probably should be stuck to top of page in case the link puts someone part way down the page.

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 (https://manual.macromates.com/en/themes <https://manual.macromates.com/en/themes>), referencing "Preferences ? Fonts & Colors?, which I can?t find in Textmate; perhaps the manual does not apply to the version I installed?

That link applies to TextMate 1.