Here too Allan: thanks for your quick and helpful reply.

I did the manual install of the RSpec bundle where I did this before: in the ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles directory. I have now renamed that directory to Bundles-old to make sure that I'm using the Bundle that is managed by Textmate and that works. And so do my other commands now, like the Git commands, that I "lost" after the RC1 release.

Thanks again!


From: Allan Odgaard <>
Date: 17 November 2016 at 11:40
To: "TextMate users" <>
Subject: [TxMt] Re: What to do to get my bundles to work correctly again in RC1?

On 17 Nov 2016, at 17:01, Pascal Lindelauf wrote:

RSpec is a bundle available via Preferences → Bundles. It is recommended to install via this dialog (when the bundle is available).

As for why it disappeared during the update, I am not sure, but as I alluded to in the other reply, it could be a messed up BundlesIndex.binary since that is basically a cache of the file system, and it appears that keeping this 100% in sync does occasionally fail.

I should probably add code to automatically rebuild the cache once a week or so (I believe Time Machine does something like that).

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From: Pascal Lindelauf <>
Date: 17 November 2016 at 11:01
Subject: What to do to get my bundles to work correctly again in RC1?

Congrats with RC1. Unfortunately, my bundles are messed up. I lost a number of my shortcut commands that I have always worked with. I lost my RSpec bundle functionality, which I managed to restore by manually reinstalling the bundle from Github.

Is there something I must do/should have done to keep my bundles working as they have done before? I did accept the request to move the bundles to the new structure when I restarted Textmate, but that hasn't helped. Some guidance on this topic would be very helpful.

Thank you!