Yes, thanks to both of you.
Reg.: 1) I also found a better solution for bbcode. I go to Preferences/Bundles where you can enable Bulletin Board plugin from the list.
This solution is better, since the github bundle does not work at all ( wrong Variable syntax ) , no language grammar and so on.
Reg.: 2) This is the functionality to call Textmate from within other Applications, ... seems to be, that Tobias is right. Not available rather, but I wonder, wether this could be done with some Shell-Voodoo.
I just wonder, whether Allen could provide a solution for this in some Future Update, since it is a very practical  thing in your workflow.
Thanks to all of you, Cheers, Marios
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Graham Heath wrote (Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:28:39 -0500):

> Re #2: Edit in TextMate you say? Where does this functionality exist? I’ve
> not seen this before, so as much detail as you can provide, would be
> helpful.

I guess he is referring to the “Edit in TextMate” input manager that was available for TextMate 1 but to my knowledge never worked with TM2 -- it's mentioned in the (outdated) manual at
<> (last section, 21.4)

The closest thing to that function I have found so far is the "Edit with..." workflow for the Alfred App:
But unfortunately, you'll have to buy the Alfred PowerPack first. <>
And even then, it works different and not as sleek as the old the input manager.

T. Jung

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