Here’s a nice reference I found to help with creating and organizing bundle menus:

Robert J. Rockefeller
Richmond Hill, GA

On Apr 29, 2015, at 6:43 AM, Igor <> wrote:

On Apr 29, 2015, at 12:19 PM, John Joyce <> wrote:

In TM 2, Bundle Editor,
How can you change the order of Menu Action items in the Bundle Editor.
How can you add separators (for menu separator item)

Bundle Editor is still a proof of concept and it’s quite featureless. Allan never got to finishing it.
And judging by the number of commits in the last month it won’t happen soon.

Just create whatever you need using Bundle Editor.
Then open the *.tmbundle/info.plist and toss things around the way you want.

Use <string>------------------------------------</string> to create a separator.

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