Thanks but it’s not the problem.
I work like you on my documentation with a main file and a dozen sub-files .tex. 
With a script I got a hundred individual files.
I want to compile them all with one command. In the terminal I can with latexmk, I would like to do it from TM

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I have a project and inside I have a folder with several files .tex.
I would like to compile all the files at the same time how I can proceed ?
I think with a ruby script but I’m not an expert.


Not sure if the following procedure is helpful but this is how I manage my own multi-file tex files in my projects. I write a “file_main.tex” where I input the various files and a .tm_properties file for each project with the following lines:

windowTitle = "$TM_DISPLAYNAME - ${CWD/^.*\///}"
TM_LATEX_MASTER  = "$CWD/file_main.tex"
[ attr.untitled ]
fileType = “text.tex.latex”


I forgot to add that I don’t use %!TEX root = path/to/main.tex at the top of my various chapters. 

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