I came up with this:

                 (?:\s+throw\s*\([^\)]*\))?\s*         # optional throw modifier

to place between the "optional const modifier" and "start bracket or end-of-line" bor both meta.function.c and meta.function.prototype.c; however it only works when the "const" specifier isn't part of the method, such as in this case:

int Foo::Bar(int parameter) const throw()
   /* ... */

I'm not a regex guru so there's probably something I'm doing wrong. Any input to fix this completely would be greatly appreciated.

Marc-Antoine Courteau

On 8/27/07, Allan Odgaard <throw-away-1@macromates.com> wrote:
On Aug 27, 2007, at 12:55 AM, Marc-Antoine Courteau wrote:

> [...]
> When I use the throw keyword on my method declarations, the method
> name
> detected by TextMate is "throw", which isn't really useful,
> especially when
> all the method names are detected as "throw". How can I fix this to
> ensure
> TextMates resolves the proper names?

Bundles -> Bundle Editor -> Edit Languages…

There is a large pattern (regexp) to match (member) function
(implementations/declarations) in the C and C++ grammars, this/these
patterns would be expanded to also deal with throw.

I don't think the change is too difficult -- do let me know if you
add it, and I can roll it into the official language grammar.

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