One way to determine it is to drag and drop a folder onto the TextMate icon in the Dock.
That makes that directory the $CWD when it is opened.

On Sep 28, 2017, at 6:24, Carpii UK <> wrote:

Not entirely sure how this interacts with the menu options, but one way to set project directory is from your .tm_properties 

projectDirectory = "$CWD"

Personally I've yet to find any reason *not* to set it to "$CWD" (current directory)
I tend to just open one project at a time though (by using Alfred to call shell scripts, which then simply 'mate /path/to/<project_dir>)

On 27 September 2017 at 22:02, Tim Bates <> wrote:
Dumb question for a 12-year user of Textmate (we missed the 10-yer anniversary, it seems: happy birthday TM!), but…

How is the project folder determined? Specifically, I’ve got a tab open which is in a folder marked in the filebrowser (^⌥⌘-D) as the project folder (at least ) it’s ticked in the little drop down menu (see image).

But… If I ⇧⌘-F (find in project), the Dropbox folder is selected… What determines what is set when one used command-shift-F?

In general, I’d appreciate if anyone has pointers to a decent tutorial on how to use project folders.


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