I want this feature ALL THE TIME.  There was some editor I used in the distant past that had this and it was super convenient.  For me going between files would be helpful, not only within one file.  Kind of like the back/forward buttons in a web browser.

I appreciate it's probably complex to figure out how to do it, and satisfying everyone's particular flavor is impossible.

Sorry I don't have time to give a more concrete suggestion at the moment.

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 7:09 AM, Matt Neuburg <matt@tidbits.com> wrote:
I have a feature suggestion. I've thought about this for years but it has only just occurred to me to say something about it.

As you know, I use TextMate to write books. Big books with big chapters. So it often happens that I edit a chapter, then jump to an earlier / later bit of that same chapter to make some change entailed by what I was just writing. Now I want to "go back" to where I was before.

That's the suggestion. TextMate should _automatically_ maintain "bookmarks" for the location of the two most recent edit locations (places where I actually typed or deleted text). Thus, I could use the bookmarks feature to jump back to where I was before.

Just an idea. (A really great idea!) m.

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